Indian-4     Ace     Henderson

                                  info: quainter@xs4all.nl


Indian-4: the clutch set is a 7 pc. set. Ready to be put into the engine.

The friction material is a high-tech layer bonded to a

sturdy C45 steel plate.

Wear resistance of this special sinterbronze for

wet clutches is very high.

The friction coefficient is higher than from most clutch lining materials: no slipping at all !

The sturdiness of the plates will result in less vibration and no clutch judder.

Clutch release is very good, due to the waffle patern

design of the outer plates in combination with the

bronze surface physical properties.

As a result, the intermediate shaft quickly slows down

when disengaging; allowing smoother gear changes

independend of road speed.

The thickness of the set is 15 mm. This is the requiered

distance between clutch center and pressure plate.

The Qua-Sinterbronze-Clutch is a real soft clutch

Use 8 of the original Indian-4 springs.(springs of the 1929

  type and later) These springs have 8 coils; wire diameter

2,3mm(3/32”). Lenght is 38-41mm(+/- 5/8”). Springs

before 1929 look like they have the same wire

dimensions; have 10 coils and are +/- 25% weaker

as the later springs; so not recommended.

It is virtually impossible to wear out a Qua clutch. 

                                                                                                 1933 four with a sinterbronze clutch 

     1931 four, original Indian green, with a sinterbronze clutch   

                                                                                                                   1940 four, bolt/nut original; sinterbronze clutch


                         THE BEST CLUTCH IN THE WORLD